Alandra Music – Royalty Free Music Catalogue

Alandra Music is a Royalty Free Music Catalogue for your Creative and Commercial Projects. A wide variety of music tracks, great for your video productions, presentations and advertisements.

Alandra Music is distributed and licensed through some of the most important music libraries in the world. You can search for the perfect track for your video footage and, with just one click, download it with a legal license to use it in your video production.

Our tracks have been used for short movies, theatre, video artists, and have been placed in motivational and promotional videos used by clients, production companies and advertising agencies in Western and Eastern Europe, USA and Asia with worldwide exposure.

Alandra Music portfolio represents an exciting blend of styles and moods merging Classical and Electronic backgrounds. From Downtempo, Chillout and Dance to Dramatic and Orchestral scores, through more Acoustic Folk, Latin, and Jazz instrumental themes.

They fit great with Film and TV shows, Radio and TV Advertising as well as a wide range of Multimedia.

Here on this official website you will find the most important music libraries Alandra Music collaborates with. In case you think you need a custom deal according to your own requirements, let’s have a contact. You will receive a prompt answer and a convenient proposal.